/ˈpātr(ə)n/ --- a person chosen, named, or honored as a special guardian, protector, or supporter. a patron of the arts

Being an independent artist can be lonely and very expensive, but I’m grateful to be backed by passionate listeners who are helping me make my work sustainable. 

One of the best ways to support my music is to become a patron at

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They make it possible for me to record and release new music, produce music videos, pay for marketing, purchase instruments and gear, and create jobs for other artists (dancers, recording engineers, graphic designers, animators, videographers, etc).

I love what I do but I can’t do it alone. 

Will you be part of the music?


These beautiful souls have chosen to directly support the creation of my nashville album

BENEFACTORS: Adam Weiss, Alexis Loyd, Amy Alexander, Amy Harris, Andrew Hitzhusen, Angela Beeching, Ariel Strasser, Chip Detwiller, Chris Tierney, Christina B. Oliver, Daryl Marsden, David Carrier, Elizabeth G. Garrigan-Byerly, Erin Matonte, Eunice Wilson, Frances Ruthven, Grace Zimmerman & Amy Dubilo, Hilary Donaldson, Janice Hitzhusen, Jason Grosso, Jason Huneycutt, Jeff & Phyllis Cahill, Jeffrey Davis, Jennifer Eyler, John F. Higgins, Josh Fitterling, Judy Mongiardo, Karen Arnold, Kathleen Musser, Katie King, Laura Vecchione, Lauren Casello, Laya Steinberg, Marilyn Brayne, Melissa Dahm, Michael Servizio, Mira Jang, Pam & Larry Hitzhusen, Sarah Cooper, Scott Martin, Scott Tougas, Susanne Salem Schatz, Sylvia Haber, Tim Evans & Howe Allen, Wendy Wyatt Donaldson

ANGEL BENEFACTORS: Karin Cahill, Linda Thorvaldsen, Richard Steinberger